Akhnas bin Shareek, the hypocrite and the verse of Quran that refers to him


 An excerpt from the translation Quran Made Easy illustrating the simple yet effective translation method the author has chosen in addition to the inline commentary in brackets that allows the reader to understand clearly while also giving the reader the ability to read the pure translation only in bold if desired. (Surah 2,verses 204 to 206 )


 204. From mankind is he whose speech pleases you (Oh Muhammad SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam) in this worldly life and (claiming to be a Muslim) he calls Allaah to be witness over that which is in his heart, yet he is the hardest of opponents (to you and to all Muslims). (This verse refers to a sweet-talking hypocrite by the name of Akhnas bin Shareek, who claimed to be a Muslim and professed to love Rasulullaah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam and the Muslims. He even told Rasulullaah SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam that Allaah is a witness to what he said. He hated the Muslims so much that he even burnt the fields of some Muslims and killed their animals, as is mentioned in the next verse.)

205. (However, his hypocrisy was clear because) When he turns away (from you, Oh Muhammad SallAllaahu Alayhi Wasallam) he exerts himself to cause corruption (trouble and mischief) on earth and (among other things) to destroy crops and stock (cattle and other animals). Allaah dislikes corruption.


206. When he is told to fear Allaah (because of his behaviour), pride (arrogance and stubbornness) leads him to (commit more) sin (once hypocrites gain power, they resort to murder, rape and plunder). Jahannam will suffice for him (as punishment). It is a terrible (evil) resting place indeed.

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