i'tikaaf-blog-imageEvery year we see that in the month of Ramadaan Muslims are filled with a great amount of enthusiasm, which leads them to increasing their acts of worship and devotion. In the last ten days of Ramadaan one would see many individuals gathering in the Masaajid to perform I’tikaaf, in fact some Masaajid become overcrowded with those intending to perform I’tikaaf. However, sadly one has to say that due to people being unaware of the fundamental laws of I’tikaaf, their I’tikaaf becomes invalid. At times their I’tikaaf becomes nullified on the very first day without them even knowing.

In light of the above situation I have compiled this comprehensive book regarding the essential laws of I’tikaaf from the reliable books of Fiqh, under the guidance of my beloved teacher and mentor. It is my hope that through this book others may safeguard their I’tikaaf from being nullified, allowing it to be a means of reward and mercy for them.


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