The Shari Laws Regarding Iddat

iddat-blog-imageThis booklet is the first of its kind, originally in the urdu language by Moulana Mufti Muhammad Riaz Jameel.

It details laws on:

1. The meaning and importance of Iddat;
2. Why is Iddat necessary;
3. Upon whom is Iddat binding;
4. Upon whom is Iddat not binding;
5. What is allowed during the Iddat;
6. What is impermissible during Iddat;
7. Necessary laws regarding mourning;
8. The Iddat of a divorced woman;
9. The Iddat of a pregnant woman;
10. Iddat of Khula;
11. Where will a woman pass her Iddat;
12. Miscellaneous Masaa’il regarding Iddat;
13. Upon whom is the maintenance during Iddat.


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