Holy book of Islam

The Holy book of Islam is the Qur’aan. Muslims believe that it is the direct word of God, referred to as “Allah” most commonly by Muslims though this word although this word is also used by arabic speaking Christians and adherents of other faiths when referring to the one God.

Islam’s holy book was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) over a period of 23 years and this holy book has never been changed since the time of the Prophet (SAW). In the Quran itself Allah says to this meaning: “We have revealed it and We will protect it”. The Holy Book has in fact been protected by Allah by making it easy to memorise by millions of Muslims who have been doing so and passing it from generation to generation until today. The Holy book will remain protected until the Day of Resurrection as per the promise of Allah. This is one major difference between the Quran and other Holy Books of previous religions. Muslims believe in all the authentic religions of the past and their holy books including the Bible and Torah, but these past Holy books have been altered as is accepted by the adherents of those faiths as well and therefore does not exist in the original forms in which it was sent down to the Prophet (Peace be upon them) at that time.

The Holy book of Islam is the last divine book to be sent to mankind and is the only one that is valid until the Day of Resurrection or end of the world. It contains the same basic tenets of the prev ious Holy Books explaining to mankind that God is one and He has no partner, nor does He have a son or daughters or the like thereof. It also explains as other books have done the purpose for the creation in that mankind has been created to worship and obey Allah and in this they will find peace and happiness in the world and achieve paradise in the hereafter. These basic tenets are common but the rulings change from time to time, some remain the same as in the prohibition of liquor which is also in the bible and the Quran and others are added to the religion by God by which He has now concluded the perfection of religion of mankind through Islam’s Holy Book, the Quran.

The Holy Book of Islam contains 114 chapters or Surahs and  a total of 6236 verses if one excludes the opening verse of each surah which is “In the name of God, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful”. The Arabic Quran is regarded as the Holy Book of Islam and any translation will not be regarded as the original word of Allah, though it may be useful in obtaining an understanding of the original Arabic. The best way to understand the Quran is to understand it in Arabic but if one cannot do so, then a good authentic English translation of the Quran such as Quran Made Easy will enable the reader to appreciate Islam’s Holy Book. Other translations are available but the depth of translation is weak as one word in Arabic cannot be easily translated to one word in english which other translations try to do. Quran Made Easy instead gives some commentary within brackets within the translation in order for the reader to appreciate the full meaning and intent and often also who and what is being referred to in the verses.

While the Quran is regarded as the Holy book of Islam, Islam does recognise the other revealed books also as Holy Books although as mentioned before they are believed to have not survived up to the present day in their original forms and therefore cannot be followed. Even if they had survived they would have been of a scholarly nature as the Quran being the final Holy Book would have to be followed and adhered to practically instead of these other holy books that Islam regards as sacred.

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