The Advices of Hakeemul Ummah

hakeemul-ummah-blog-imageBeing a dunce in an Islaamic Madrassa is a million times better than studying secular education. This is so because even though such a student may lack aptitude his Aqaaid (fundamental beliefs) will not be corrupted and he will have love for the people of knowledge even though his personal capabilities do not extend beyond that of a street sweeper. 

Becoming a street sweeper is better than obtaining competency in secular education in order to become a lawyer, barrister etc , which only leads to a corruption of Aqaaid (beliefs), uncertainty of Imaan (faith) and disrespect for Allaah, Nabi (S.A.W.), the Sahabah (R.A.) and even the Auliyaah (pious saints). This is not only the majority but inevitable result of modern secularism. Sure, that person who has no concern for the death of his Deen (religiosity) may do as he pleases.

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