The Book Of Wise Sayings: Preparation For The Day Of Resurrection

wise-saying-blog-imageAll praise due to only Allaah, Durood upon His beloved Rasul, Hadhrat Muhammad (S.A.W) who came with the final Message, the Final Shariat, the last Kitaab –al- Quraan, as the Last and Final Rasul of Allaah. Nabi (S.A.W) was given as companions, the Noble Sahabah (R.A) with whom Allaah is pleased with and they are pleased with.

The work in your hands contains pearls of wisdom to strengthen one’s Imaan, provide a guide to improve one’s character and behaviour.

We suggest that one reads the book once from beginning to end then a chapter a day. After which a saying a day with pardoning and deliberation. This will be beneficially.

Imaams may read passages to their congregations whilst extracts from the book can be used as fillers in Books, Leaflet, Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters etc.

We request for duaas and suggestions are always most welcome.

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