Kitabul Jana-Iz

Jana-iz-blog-coverMaut (Death) is the inescapable event the inevitable reality which Mu’min and Kaafir acknowledge. In so far as the Mu’min is concerned, Maut is not the end of life. It is simply another stage in the onward journey of man back home Jannah from whence he heralded.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Maut is the bridge which unites the lover with his Beloved” The Mu’min is the lover and Allah Ta’aala, The Rabb, is the beloved. With death the servant of Allah Ta’aala reaches his Goal towards which he was striving all his life. For those who had lost themselves in the pursuit of fleeting pleasures of a corrupt and contaminated kind, consequently forgetting the Goal and Purpose of life on earth, Maut is a terrible event. On the other hand, the sincere and pious servants of Allah will be greeted by the proclamation:“O Soul at peace! Return to your Rabb, well pleased (with Him) while He is well pleased (with you). Thus enter (the association of) my servants and enter My Jannat.” (Qur‘an)

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