Kitaabut Tahaarah

Tahaarah-blog-coverIslam has emphasized the importance and the significance of purity and purification. Purification that is purification of body, garments, home and heart is commanded by the Shariah as a compulsory duty. Its importance is to be gauged from Allah’s declaration of love for those who purify themselves.

“Verily Allah loves those who purify themselves.”

The tremendous significance of purity (Tahaarat) is borne out by Rasulullah’s (Sallallahu alayhi wassallam) assertion that half of Imaan consists of purity.

Tahaarat is conditional for many forms of lbaadat, i.e. the Ibaadah without the necessary Tahaarat will not be valid. It is precisely for this reason that all Books of Fiqh commence with “Kitaab–ut–Tahaarah” or “The Book of Purity.”

Kitaab–ut–Tahaarah deals with various forms of purification, e.g. Wudhu, Ghusl, Masah Alal Khuf–fain, Tayammum, well purification, etc. Each will be dealt with separately and in detail, Insha’Allah.

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